Elysium Project

Sitio Web elysium-project.org
Discord Discord
Versión 1.12.1 Vanilla Classic
Tipo Vanilla WoW Blizzlike
Ubicación France
Ultima Actualización20 May 2018
Fecha de Ingreso26 Apr 2018


Continuation of the project Nostalrius Vanilla Blizzlike server with 1 xp rate. 24 7 Uptime DDoS Protection Warden Anti-Cheat. Scripted Instances Raids Zones Scenarios. Step-by-step opening of content. Support for many languages. Own DB and much more Here you will get the best experience


World of Warcraft Elysium server is a great opportunity to start your journey in the world of Warcraft and find out how the history of this interesting fantasy universe began more than ten years ago. On this private server, every player can find a suitable activity for themselves.

Leveling up.
  The Elysium server offers a leisurely leveling up of levels from 1 to 60 with the passing of tasks from non-player characters, from whom you will learn the history of the Vov universe - all tasks are doable, and some also have their own scripted scenarios. And yes, all scripts work and work completely well!

In-game professions.
  At the same time each player can learn 5 game professions: 2 main and 3 secondary, in order to create useful equipment, potions and food for himself and his friends, as well as go into business and sell his products to other players. There are some meditative professions as Herbalism, Mining of Fishing for those people, who just want to have a rest after a hard day and get some gold selling herbs and metal ore or some valuable fishes on the Auction. Skinning is a more dynamic profession, because you will have to track and kill beasts and skin their leather. Other professions are processing resources obtained from previously described professions. These are: Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Alchemy, Engineering and Enchanting. All of them produce equipment, buffs or magical attachments for your equipment.

World PvP.
  You will meet players of the opposite faction, with whom it is likely that you will have to fight and win or lose. Also players may track opposite faction players and kill them looking at their reaction. Sometimes it may be fun. But don't forget: revenge may come to you too.

The Battlefields.
  There are 3 battlefields for inter-faction battles on the Elysium. This system works especially for those who loves massive PvP: modes are Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin. The battles on these battlegrounds are played by teams of 10 players or more. These are team game modes in which the player will have to capture flags and deliver them to their base, as well as capture and hold strategic points on the battlefield map. As a reward, players receive standard rewards: Honor points and special tokens for exchange for high quality equipment. By the way, such battles take place at any time of the day or night. For the convenience of players, the server administration has added special commands for registering participation in battles on the battlefield. You can view the available commands by sending the "/commands" text to the game chat.

 What adventurer doesn't like the dungeons and treasures that Dungeon Bosses keep? The player will be able to gather a group of 5 people and go to his first dungeon already at level 18-20 and completely complete it, defeating all the bosses and taking away valuable things from them. In addition to equipment, you can also complete tasks that lead you to the dungeon. As a rule, such tasks bring your character much more experience than regular tasks on the world map. There are many dungeons in this version of the game, they are all different, but all dungeons, their guards, bosses and game scenarios are completely scripted and will bring you a lot of fun. The pinnacle of PvE content is the ice citadel of Naxrammas, which can be traversed by a team of 40 players. Dungeons at the beginning are easy enough and have a low requirement to the equipment, but as the level of dungeons increases, so does their difficulty and equipment requirements, boss and mobs mechanics becomes more complex too. But don't afraid of it, because high level dungeons are the most exciting part of PvE content, and Elysium will bring you many exciting hours of intense battles.

General server characteristics:
- rate for leveling up for killing mobs x1
- rate for leveling up for quests x1
- rate for leveling the profession x1
- rate for receiving honor points and pvp tokens x1
- working system of PVP ranks
- uptime ~24/7, scheduled reboot occurs once a day
- the server is stable and reliable like a rock

What else:
Elysium has a donate shop as with vanities as mounts or tabards, as with equipment and rate boosters
- Sometimes administration applies x3 rates to professions and levelling on the mobs and quests
- The average online at the time of this review fluctuates between 400 and 800 players during the day