Amber WoW

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Versión 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King
Tipo Custom Content Custom Items Custom Scripts Custom World Boss Donate Reward Transmogrifier Professional Staff Battlegrounds Arenas Instant 85
Ubicación United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización16 Dec 2022
Fecha de Ingreso31 Oct 2018


Amber WoW

Shadowlands, Cata MoP WoD Legion BFA all in Transmog Haste Custom items Custom Races Maps Unique Loot System Upgrader Teleporter items Custom currencies VP Exchanger to DP Friendly community active staff


 I have started my journey in this server several months ago , at the begining when i logged in for a first time i found very nice and friendly people , willing to help you with content and answer all the possible silly questions that i asked  has been answerd , the staff is really nice and friendly to the community . The server has a lot of content to be done and to keep you busy , as more you play and get gear the more you want to keep playing it its a wonderfull journey which never end. In regards of the content in the server it is a player choice if they want to donate money and get gear or they want to farm it . The best thing in Amber-wow is that even if you don't pay for items you still can get the same stats and skills with playing which i think that not a lot of servers have this option . The server has weekly events  on top of that there is  Christmas , Easter , Halloween , which they do a really nice job with a custom content and surpises for everyone . In regards of the customer bosses and dungeons there is a ton of content to allways keep you busy . I played in haste servers since The burning crusade and this one is the one without bugs without separting players to rich or poor , the content is available for everyone , there is no bugs there is ton of well scripted instances , bosses , mobs  they aso took care of the custom items and the farm for the custom items . I believe that this is the best  haste server so far that i played with the best community at the ned of my review i want to add something that i notice it is really strange but there is no hate in this server everyone is trying to help the other with items or with runs , it doesent matter if somoene joined 1 day or 1 year ago . Best server so far forgot to say that  there is new content almost every two weeks so you can be never bored in the server  with different ideas of the game with added runes , there will be a proffesion which is custom and also a tower . The best server ones again i will keep playing in it . 

I love it!


Great Haste Server, nice Community and long grinding. (You wont be able to beat endgame in a short time)

This server offers alot of stuff like class changing for ingame currency and a unique currency system instead of gold

You get unique class gems, get 85 Talent Points instead of 75 (You start and end with lvl 85 here) and can get your own artifact weapon!

I can recommend this server with my whole heart.