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Sitio Web mc.drgnshield.com
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Versión 1.20 1.20.1
Tipo Survival MMO Rpg Quests Cracked Need Staff Bosses Custom Map Friendly
Ultima Actualización09 Sep 2023
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Introducing DragonShield - Dive Deep Into Adventure!

Immerse yourself in a world beyond imagination with DragonShield, where every corner holds a thrilling challenge and every moment promises adventure. Here, we prioritize community spirit, ensuring a welcoming space free from toxicity.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Exploration: Over 500 unique biomes, 400 captivating structures, and more than 70 intricately designed dungeons await your curiosity. Each adventure promises a fresh, unparalleled experience.

  • Dynamic Mob Encounters: Be on your guard! Encounter over 20 menacing underground foes below level 60 including:

    • Ominous Watchers
    • Smoke Demons
    • Dead Miners
    • Crawling Skellys

    Will you emerge victorious in these battles?

  • Weekly Boss Events: Conquer unique bosses from varied dungeons, but remember, only the swift and strategic will reap the grand spoils.

  • Unrivalled Enchantments: Our enchantment library boasts a staggering 300 types. Whether you choose the traditional enchantment table or opt to spend your earned exp, there's always a magical edge waiting.

  • Exclusive Armor Set: Elevate your combat capabilities with armor even mightier than Netherite.

  • Brace for Nafplio: Dare to step into Nafplio, a realm opened by THE ANCIENT ONES every weekend. This brutal world pushes players to their limits, with challenging conditions such as:

    • No inventory protection
    • Absence of natural health regeneration
    • Restricted command access

    But the rewards? Beyond imagination. Nafplio's formidable mobs may overpower even a full Netherite-clad player, but defeating them grants unparalleled exp.

  • Discover Dragonite: This rare material offers abundant exp and transformative crafting opportunities. But proceed with caution – its volatile nature might just catch you off guard.

And as for THE ANCIENT ONES? Their enigmatic intentions remain a puzzle. Join us, as we strive to decipher their captivating role within DragonShield. The question remains, are you game?

Join our DragonShield Family and embark on this unforgettable journey!

Connect with Us:

  • Discord: Click Here
  • Java IP: play.drgnshield.com
  • Bedrock IP: br.drgnshield.com
  • Bedrock Port: 19132

Gear up, adventurer! Your saga is about to begin.