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Versión 2.4.3
Tipo Blizzlike Low Rates Professional Staff No Lag Scripted Instances No Hacks No Custom
Ultima Actualización08 Jun 2017
Fecha de Ingreso05 Feb 2015

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Número 1 Burning Crusade Realm * Alrededor de más de 10 años * 100% Scripts Blizzlike * XP Rate x1 / x2 * Sin fallas * Protección DDoS * Active PvP and PvE * Todas las instancias y raids abiertos * Actualizaciones y eventos regulares * Personal dedicado * Únete hoy !

Developer C++
We are always looking for talented C++ developers to help us in maintaining a high quality server(s) with our primary goal offering a high quality blizzlike experience. If you are experienced with C++, ManGOS (or TrinityCore), do not hesitate to apply. As long as the topic is here we are still actively looking for staff .

Feel free to offer suggestions on development for any other versions of the game.

What do we expect from you?
Advanced knowledge of C++
Knowledge of MySQL
Previous experience with emulators (MaNGOS,TrinityCore,etc)
Being able to work independently from home
Be a team player and communicate to the administrators and other developers
Be an active player on our server

Is there a pay/compensation?
We can offer compensation for your work, we will discuss this during our initial talks/negotiations if you are selected (freelancing possible).
We aim to do this professionally, dedication is rewarded if we can meet our set goals.

Do you think you have what it takes?