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Elefir is an MMORPG Minecraft server. We feature NPCs quests skill progression guilds and much much more We are a new server with a clean map and are currently in BETA testing. Join us for the BETA to receive an exclusive BETA prefix and BETA companion

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Change Logs
11 Nov 2019

@everyone Thank you for your continued support of Elefir!

- We have converted from Essentials to CMI. CMI is an extreme upgrade over Essentials. This will allow me to implement several more features into the game such as holograms and allows me to configure several more features. You can learn more here: https://www.zrips.net/cmi/

- Spartan AntiCheat has been installed. This will detect players using any form of cheat/hack. You can learn more here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/spartan-professional-anticheat-solution.25638/

- The command /discord has been added.

- The command /suicide lets you end it all.

- The command /map will allow you to view the link to our Dynmap

- The HOMES update~
Default players have 2 homes
$5 tiers have 3 homes
$10 tiers have 4 homes
$20 tiers have 5 homes
Typing /homes brings up a clickable menu for you to go through your set locations

-The tablist now shows more information and will be updated over time to reflect different things

-The Events NPC at spawn has been changed to a Thanksgiving theme.

-Night will go by faster based on the number of people who sleep.

-The world border has been expanded by 1000 in all directions!

-Any tier donor now has access to /workbench.