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Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Versión 1.15.2
Tipo Factions Earth Geopolitical
Ultima Actualización24 May 2020
Fecha de Ingreso10 Apr 2020


Join the new Minecraft 1.15 factions server! New Earth contains many benefits, such as

- An earth map with realistic ore spawns!

- Slimefun! Smelt alloys and become a technological giant!

- Exotic garden! Grow new crops!


Join today at !

IMPORTANT NOTICE- this server may get complicated! Before joining, make sure there are a couple people online to help.




Tutorial- You start in the middle of Africa. Using the dynmap, go to where you want to start your faction. If the place where you want to go is BLACK, that means no one was there before and someone needs to discover it (just walk there). Once you get to where you want to start your faction, run the command /f create <faction name> to create your faction. After that, you must run /f claim to claim land around your faction, though remember to follow the faction claim rules! There is no /f home to teleport you back if you die, so be sure to sleep!



Tier one

1. Don't spam
2. Don't advertise
3. No racism or any other types of discrimination allowed in chat
First offense- 1-2 minute mute and warning
Second offense- 1-5 hour mute
Third offense- 1-10 day mute
Fourth offense- 10-30 day mute
Fifth offense- permanent mute

Tier two

1. Don't grief or steal from unclaimed areas, unless there is war (tnt cannons)
2. Don't build any racist or obscene symbols (swastikas, etc.)
3. Don't trade real life items for in-game items
4. Don't scam players in-game. Make sure that there is evidence IN CHAT.
5. Don't use x-ray (includes resource pack)
First offense- 5-10 day ban
Second offense- 20-60 day ban
Third offense- permanent ban

Tier three

1. Don't dos the server or anything which may lag it
2. Don't use illegal mods, such as speed, or kill aura
First offense- permanent ban