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Version 1.18.2 1.18.x 1.19 1.17.x 1.18.1
Typ Vanilla Hardcore PvE PVP Survival Minigames Bedrock Java Semi Vanilla Need Players
Letztes Update04 Jul 2022
Beitrittsdatum05 May 2022


🌷 Meadow SMP 🌷 is partially also a Streamer SMP which is broadcast on Twitch by different content creators! 👾

✨ This SMP is not just a Minecraft Server. It's a super chill place with different paths & choices of gameplay to make your experience better and perfectly suited for you. With endless possibilities & ways to have fun together with your friends.

💌 Everyone is welcome to join us! Play from anywhere - both on Java & Bedrock!

🎤 We also have proximity voice chat installed on the server for those who want to use & experience that! You can find instructions on how to install it ingame & on our discord!

💖 We have an awesome playerbase and in this time we've perfected an amazing survival experience in every way of choice! With an awesome staff, a ton of cool players and an incredible community, the server also offers quality of life plugins, which are optional.

Some of the worlds & experiences we offer are:

🌟 Hardcore 🌟
• Vanilla Hardcore
• 24 Hours DeathBan
• 15k x 15k
"Don't Die!"

🌸 Survival 🌸
• Griefprevention
• Keep Inventory
• 10k x 10k
- "Have Fun!"

💀 Semi-Anarchy 💀
• Pvp Enforced
• Raiding & Griefing Allowed
• 2.5k x 2.5k
- Good Luck!"

🎮 Creative 🎮
• Creative Mode
• Open World
• 5k x 5k
"Be Creative!"

👾 We also host live events and a variety of fun & exciting game-modes that's broadcast on Twitch every weekend, including some unique Prizes to Win! There is always something new and exciting to try out!

💖 Become a Part of our Wonderful & Welcoming Community - Join us today!
• 👾 Twitch:
• ✨ Discord:

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