Phase Cabal

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Version Episode 8 Episode 30
Type Low Rate Mid Rate Balanced
Location Malaysia
Last Update09 Dec 2023
Join Date08 Dec 2023


PHASE CABAL (9 classes)
"Where Gaming Unites in Community" Do you like a challenge?
If you like a challenge, here you can take on the challenge.
Phase Cabal is a low mixed rate server, suitable for those of you who like challenges

⚜Long term server (Dedicated own server not cloud)
⚜Specific drop item DG (Part by part)
⚜Dungeon ecoin run after finish
⚜Low mix rate concept (basic)
⚜ Classic item's only no OP Item's
⚜ 2 item's per drop
⚜Player item view lock is enable
⚜Upgrade system +15
⚜Basic rune provided upon char creation
⚜Starter kit website redeem (OSM)
⚜BM 2 macro
⚜One click cancel BM /𝐴𝑢𝑟𝑎
⚜Weekly event
⚜Set max Dragonium (now release arch & palladium)
⚜Ecoin donation

Osm + 15 filled with 3 ASA ( 7% ASA )
Amulet of Pain +7
Ring of Luck +2 x2
Critical Ring +2 x2
Bracelet of Fighter/amp +7 x2
Earring of guard +7 x2
Minesta belt guardian+6
Pet Garlie Bluebike amp