Ain Cabal 9 Class

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Location Singapore
Last Update08 Oct 2023
Join Date08 Oct 2023


Server Features: o Mid to high rates server -No high-end set o End game set: Dragonium -for future updates o Wing system with unique appearance /level o 9 class characters o Bringer per nation o Max level: 200 o Max HR: 20 o Max Item upgrade system: +15 o Open RMT system -Real Money Trading o Macro allowed ONLY for farming o Unique upgrading
system of Accessories & Armors o Easy Alz farming Starter Pack: o Starting level: 130 o Starting Honor Rank: 11 Armors: o 3 slotted Mithril Helm -40 C.DMG / 7 RATE o 3 slotted Mithril Armor & Gloves -23 AMP / 3 MCR o 3 slotted Mithril Boots -31 AMP Weapons: o 3 slotted Mithril blade/katana -40 C.DMG / 7 RATE Accessories: o Mithril Cape
-EOG o QW7 Bike non slotted o Amulet: Orphidia o Rings: ROL+4 / CRI+4 o Belt of Damp +4 o Bracelet: Prideus o Earrings: Vampiric + 7