Cabal Lucians

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Version episode 29
Type Mid Rate High Rate
Location Singapore
Last Update18 Feb 2022
Join Date18 Feb 2022


Cabal Lucian - The Black Order Farm To Win Server Episode 29 (Latest Dungeon up to Terminus Machina & Garden By The Dust) Premium DDOS Protection Medium to High Rate Server 6 Balanced Class Mshield Protection BM2 Macro System PA/PD System Newest Dungeons Newest Buffs Force Wing System Newest Costumes and Wings Balance Server Ecoin Donation Available Extreme Upgrades and Epic Booster Max Upgrade + 20 Essence Rune 30Slot Blended Rune 10Slot Open RMT to Players Easy to level up EXP POTION 1 alz. (max level 200) Auto grade 20/auto trans Guild Package and newbies freebies available for solo and team players. In-game RMT. alz rate 100/b(buying around 130/150 per b Alz burner within the game (so alz dont bloat) Server Location : Singapore (OVH CLOUD) Starting Set and Weapon: Mithril set+15 (365 days) Lucians starting accessories: ROL + 2 , CRI + 2 , EOG + 4 , BOF + 4 , AOP + 5 , BELT OF DAMP HP pots MP pots Return stone First month of server,: Player will receive Lucian Veteran Ring Free Custume (random) RENTAL: EQUIPMENT: Tron Red bike (1 week duration) Archidium Gear+20 (3 slotted) 1 week duration Archidium Weapon+20 (3 slotted) 1 week duration End Gear Set and Weapon: Demonite Server Rates Exp x150 Skill Exp x150 War Exp x300 Pet Exp x300 Drop x3