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🌟  Carpour - Minecraft Community 🌟

⭐ Carpour is a Minecraft Multiplayer Server that brings fun and excitement all the way from Morocco to your homes

⏩ Our server offers:

💣 Factions ( 1.8 )

🌲 Survival ( 1.16.4 )

☁️ Skyblock ( 1.16.5 )

🛏  Bedwars ( 1.8 )

⚔ KitPvP ( 1.8 )

💪 Knockback FFA ( 1.8 )

🛠 Creative ( 1.16.5 )

🕹 Arcade (1.16.3)

➤ Each Server offers unique features!

➤ Also as any other server we offer some cheap paid ranks on certain Game-modes, to keep the server up and running and encouraging us to make more fun stuff!

➤ This server is not "Pay to Win". If you feel like that, please contact us about it!

➤ Our staff are 24/7 Online to assist you in any situation!

➤ We hope that you have a great experience with us and be sure to Have Fun!

اللاعبين المتواجدين - الـ24 ساعة الأخيرة