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الحالة Online
التنبيه الأخير9 minutes 58 seconds ago
الإصدار 1.18.1 1.17.1 1.16.5
النوع Apocalypse Zombie Zombie Survival Zombies Factions Towny Economy Towns Land Claim PvP
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
أحرز هدفا444
التحديث الأخير04 Jan 2022
تاريخ الانضمام29 Sep 2019



  • Beware the zombies that come out at night to feast!

    • Zombies that climb, chase, destroy, steal and explode!

  • Defend, scavenge, and loot resources in an open build world

  • Complete tasks for rewards

  • Player owned shops + economy system

    • Compare prices and find player shops with our custom /find menu

  • Build your town, claim your land, recruit members, and grow into an empire!

  • Every 6th night is the Blood Moon!

    • A night where zombies are more powerful and the player with the most kills gets a reward!

  • Unlock and customize unique zombie pets!

  • Level up your skills with McMMO


A competitive mindset will build your wealth and help you SURVIVE and THRIVE.

An entirely custom zombie survival server, approaching FIVE years old!


No map resets EVER.

Frequent updates & improvements.


Now live on 1.18.1!


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