Aion Sea

Discord Discord
Version 2.7
Type Classic Auto Learn Skill Discord Pve PVP
Location Singapore
Last Update05 Jun 2024
Join Date05 Jun 2024


Aion SEA Private Server in Southeast Asia. Server Version 2.7 with classic gameplay and classic classes, server focused on PvPvE player get FREE Starter Gear and Level up rewards.


The main activity at Aion SEA is farming equipment through traditional instances such as official AION with rates that we customize


All equipment can be obtained in the game and can use abyss points, medals.


We are very happy with your enthusiasm for playing Aion again The reason this server was built is because we know that this game has extraordinary memories in the past We know that there are quite a lot of Aion players in Southeast Asia, so we opened a server in Southeast Asia, specifically a server hosted in Singapore


Our staff ensures that the game is fair and equal for everyone to enjoy. We maintain a community that is free from toxic and negative behavior, encouraging our players to create an enjoyable atmosphere for others.


The staff is active in the game and on Discord, we have created several special events for players.


Currently we are opening donations only for purchasing consumables, costumes, memberships and there is the possibility of adding other items.