Monster-WoW Legion & Cataclysm Server
Atlantiss - Full Blizzlike Cataclysm Server 4.3.4
Eternal-WoW: Professional Server
Athissa Server Legion 7.1.5
Vanilla Classic 1.12.1 Blizzlike - Siege WoW
7.2 LEGION - ATGWOW server
Shiftys-WoW Blizzlike WOTLK Server
Red's Realm
ReforgeCraft ClassLess
Emblazed-Wow Funserver Custom Unique
Venom Core 3.3.5a Blizzlike
Evil Kingdom
Slim-WoW ALL GM best Gamemaster server
ScornCraft ~ 3.3.5a
AdeX WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm Unique Server
Earth-WoW Official
Might & Magic WoW
Odysseum WoW
The Silver Hand
World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria
Slim WoW - All GM Server 3.3.5a
True Blizzlike 1x rates PVe - PVP - 3.3.5a
WoW Blizzardion Server
NaxpGaming The Ultimate Gaming Community
Eternion-WoW Support 4.0.6-4.3.4-5.2.0 Cataclysm
TripleXWOW 4.2.X Cataclysm
AdverseWoW MOP Instant 90 & i85 Cataclysm PvP
Crimes-World 2.4.3 The True Super-Fun Server
WoW Qx | Servidor Privado Blizzlike
BattleArenas Battleground & Arena Realm
PleaseLand Support Cataclysm 4.0.6-5.2.0
Cataclysm and WOTLK WoW Private Server
ZwowZ (4.X.X) Cataclysm - PVP / Raids
The Wolf Den
Reunion 3.3.5
AdictosWoW 3.3.5a Blizz Server
Redemption wow 3.3.5a
The Black Knight
TOHS WoW Lich King Server - Solo Play Available!
Jahangames Best Wow Server
Kurnugia WoW Realm
Psychsoftpc Gaming PC manufacturer
RTK-Gaming 3.3.5a
Emerald-Dream 3.3.5a [X100/FUN]
Excalibur TBC 2.4.3