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Version 1.8.x1.12.x
Type Survival Marriage MCMMO Custom Enchants Custom Items Griefprevention Quests Community Economy
Last Update18 May 2017
Join Date21 Oct 2015

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Pingcraft is a small but fast growing server with a great, friendly and mature community of people. While we have many plugins installed to keep things fresh, we've still managed to keep a lot of the excitement and gameplay mechanics that have made Minecraft such a successful game.

Change Logs
06 Feb 2016
  • Added a new quest o Strien.
  • You can now show an item in your hand to everyone. (/showitem)
14 Feb 2016

You no longer lose money on death in the overworld.You lose 15% (VIPs: 5%) of your money in Nether and The End.
Added back Custom Mobs. Daytime is no longer safe anymore.
Disabled Bank XP loss on death
Added a Bank XP limit of 100k.
Enabled back spawners.
Created a recipe for Binding Powder.It will be used for an upcoming quest.
Dropped items on death should be a lot safer now.
Pets are now protected outside of claims as well.
Added Duels. Send a duel request with /duel send <name>. [WIP]

Upcoming changes:

Edara will return.
Add dialog to all guards.
Add dialog to Alew the shopkeeper.
Make the adminshop a bit more user-friendly.