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Quick info:
  • All is FREE, image hosting, unlimited banners, fast and reliable caching service included to display your image super fast.
  • You may use your image as you wish, no restrictions. The generated banner image is yours, we don't put stupid trademarks on it.
  • We will never delete your banner, we have enough HDD space to host China ... multiple times xD
  • In case your server goes offline we only remove the online status from image, we never display "Offline" text on your Precious.
  • If server is offline for more then 3 days in a row we only disable the monitoring system. Your image will still show but without stats.

Quick steps:
Enter your server name and ip then click generate. Only if you are using a custom port enter ip:port.
Customize colors, fonts and background. We will update your server banner status automatically every few minutes (choose interval).
If you are using show display status or online players use common sense and don't use a long text to overwrite status values.

→ Create a new banner. This will generate the first banner image preview.

After you generate the first banner:

→ Save all changes to image. Please use it in case controls get bugged.

→ To make multiple banners use this option and generate new file name for each. Old banner will be saved.

Color picker box. You may also enter your own custom Hex Color code in the coresponding field.
Lack of inspiration? Try Color Combinations & Suggestions . Don't forget to add # in front of color code.

Please use contact for suggestions or to report any errors.