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Version 1.8
Type Survival Factions Kit PvP Skyblock Block Hunt Guns Disguise SMP Minigames
Last Update28 Nov 2015
Join Date14 Jun 2015

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Index Craft is a V1.8 free cracked server. We have friendly staffs and players. 24/7 uptime!

Brief introduction of game play:
- Main world - This world has friendly environment, and peaceful with lots of additional features.
- Vanilla - This is a challenging world with keepInventory:false, be a true survival.
- Skyblock - Survive in a limited resource island in sky with your friends.
- KitsPvP - Fight with players with various kits available.
- GGO - A gun featured world in cities, lots of customized weapons, just like GTA.
- Btoom! - A grenade featured world in cities. TNT block damage allowed.
- More upcoming features, you may check for more info

We are most welcome you and your friends to join our server. See you there!