Ultima Online Private Servers

Top 100 UO private server and shards list. Join the best Ultima free to play shard or servers.

UO Private Server List

The Darkside Shard
Zulu Hotel Australia
- -- ShadowRealm- - -
UO Evolution "The Game has Evolved" [Dedicated]
Wakened Online
Akara Essex Ultima Online
Ultima online ps2
Evolucion Ultima Online Server
UO: Antiquity
DeusOvis Ultima Online
Ultima Online - New Britannia
UO Redux
RW Gaming - Ultima Online
UO Excelsior Shard
Project UO
Mystic Online
Forgotten Lands
The Grove
Servidor Uoigamers
Mafiacontinenta l
Ye Olde Worlde
Servidor Hispaniauo
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World of Dread
UO Infinity
Sever ip
Legacyfactions. no-ip.org 25574
The survival server
Immortal Land Pvp
team erubese
Ulmaria : A Realm Of Myth And Magic
Ultima Online Tenebrae
Online Ultimate
Molten UO
Khaeros: The Fourth Age
ULTIMA ONLINE - World Of Sosaria
>>Ultima T2A
UO Legends
IMMORTAL MYTHS ~ Adult RP & Customs Galore ~
-Dark age of Evolution-
Defiance UOR
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ADDICTED Ultima Online
Destiny UO
Zomworld: 1802