Top 100 UO Server List

UO Evolution "The Game has Evolved" [Dedicated]
UO Excelsior Shard
Lords Of Luna
The Darkside Shard
Khaeros: The Fourth Age
- -- ShadowRealm- - -
Forgotten Lands
The Grove
Mafiacontinenta l
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World of Dread
Akara Essex Ultima Online
Legacyfactions. 25574
The survival server
Ultima Online Tenebrae
Wakened Online
ULTIMA ONLINE - World Of Sosaria
>>Ultima T2A
UO Legends
-Dark age of Evolution-
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Zomworld: 1802
UORevolution - Player driven
Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings
UO Revolution
Zulu Hotel Australia
UO Mystra
Felucca Forever
Age of War
UO Millennium
Angelic Realm-Dedicated Server
UO Atlant
Ultima online ps2
Evolucion Ultima Online Server
UO: Antiquity
DeusOvis Ultima Online
Ultima Online - New Britannia
Project UO
Servidor Hispaniauo
Sever ip
Immortal Land Pvp
team erubese
Ulmaria : A Realm Of Myth And Magic
Online Ultimate
Molten UO