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  • InsanityFlyFF Gold
    Version 20 FlyFF Gold, Full Chinese FlyFF Content,Balanced PVE/PVP, High Rates up to level 300, Over 2000 Players Online Daily,Leveling Gifts, Instant Skills, Instant Unique Awakes, Custom Fun PVP Systems, Instant Upgrade, Floating Wing Masks, Burnout System, Pet System

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  • Land Of Flyff V20
    Land of Flyff Server version 20 | Exp 8000x -Drop 6000x -Penya 5000x | PvP Systems integrated | all time Support Team | New pet system | Custom Items | Max level 175 | Summer events | Join Now

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  • Divine Flyff v19 2013
    Divine flyff v19 is new server with high rates.EXP:2000X,DROP:1000X,PENYA:500X.Teleport System,New Weapons,No Delay,24/7suport.Join now in our great comunity and you will have fun.

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  • Eternal FlyFF - V20 Server
    V20 High rate server , 5000x exp/drop/penya, Leveling Gifts, Balanced PVP, Max Level 300, Instant Awakes/Reversions All+, ALL Custom Systems , Quests, Dungeons, Party Finder, Auction House, Faction System PVP, Perin Conversion, Unique Awake System Scrolls, Baruna System

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  • Fly For Sky
    A V17.5 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation/donation shop, everyone is equal. CTF. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Edited Skills. Custom Worlds. Glow Changer. Custom Quests. CS Seller sells Pick-up pets, CS Sets, and more. You won't regret joining.

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  • Victory Flyff v19
    [v19 Highrate & Fun with EXP: 9,999 DROP:800 PENYA: 5,000][NO DONATE WEAPONS][Level Cap: 175][Premium Items Are in The NPC][HD Flaris & Custom Flaris][3rd jobs with working skills][V16-v18 maps][Fashion Combination System] [Colosseum System][Unuque Pet Filter][Teleport system][Glow Changer System]

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  • Shining Nation
    Русский приватный сервер FlyFF. Полностью переведён. Сбалансированный ПВП-режим, увлекательные мероприятия, подарки за онлайн и за уровень. Заходи, не обламывайся!

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  • totemiaflyff v18-v19
    "Server Features" Version 18-19/Exp :5000 Drop:3000 Penya:1000/V19 Custom Flaris/Day and Night/Fast job Change/ Fast Awake Using /awake /2 market place/ Fashion Combine/Max level 170/Arena Score Board System/Super Saiyan Aura/New SFX Cupid Wings/Glow Changer System (Press V) And Many more

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  • Stuningflyff
    stuning flyff private server 1250x experience 1000x drops and x1000 rate for quest drop with no bugs or no crash if you level 120 re-log and your master or hero..instant jobs..come and play now! on our flyff server private.

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  • FlyForPenya - 10k rates
    This is not a caali buggy server. Its one of the first officaly private server realiese ofDeutscher Server! Freundliche GMs, CS- Seller, Events... Community noch klein, wächst aber und ist freundlich :) [Exp rate 240x / Drop rate 300x] Join flyff private server

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  • FlyFF Gold
    The official Flyff Online website, gpotato copyright to Gala-Net. Download FlyFF client, full game guide, community forum, item shop, media and support.

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  • FlyFF Info
    Flyff Online comes from Fly For Fun and it's a MMORPG game created by Gala Lab. Read all about the Development, Gameplay, Combat PVP, ingame Social systems, Cash Shop and all game mechanics on Wikipedia.

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  • DragonFlyff Server Emulator
    FlyFF online server emulator code, open source, created in c++. If you are looking for how to create flyff server this is the code you need to make Flyff private servers.

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  • Rune FlyFF Emulator
    FlyFF Online source code emulator for United States users. A good emu to start your own private server.

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  • Fly For Fun Game Facebook
    The official Facebook page for Flyff, read the last news and events. All new informations about the game and upcoming versions and updates.

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  • FlyFF Youtube
    The official Fly For Fun youtube channel. Watch the lastest media and videos posted, subscribe to new content. View trailers and related movies.

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  • Flyff Top Server
    One of the most popular Fly for fun private gaming server with a lot of players, great website and big rates: EXP : x1200, drop : x500 penya : x2000. Huge community forums and always online.

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  • SanFlyff
    Most amazing Flyff server, great developing team, good custom rates, fun content, shops and rewards for voting. Join the best server. Over 2000 players online every day.

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  • Fly v19
    FlyFF private server with custom stats, special rates, weapons and armors. Big online community forums, chat and a live 24/7 technical support. One of the best servers, join us.

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  • v19 Best FlyFF
    Continuous work, great developing to improve players game play every day. This is our goal, we provide a quality Flyff server to reach out player needs.

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  • FlyFF v18 Server
    Created in 2008, 2 dedicated pc servers, High Rates of x10,000 and Low Rates of x670 with [Level Cap to 150, Muran Weapons, Ancient Weapons, Vampire Weapons and Accessories are loot from mobs on the map and many other features.

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  • Gaming Network
    v18 Server with Working Colosseum and Fashion Combine. The Glow changer, Automatic Quest and custom rates 5000 to all. Max awake cap 200, friendly user teleporter, custom guild colors, join us.

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  • v15 Old School Flyff
    Server rates are high up to x8000 for all, experience, droop and penya, starter gifts, no farm required, Red Chip System, Quick Job Change, great community and developing, join us now for fun.

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  • V19 GW
    German flyff server with unique content, new features, Woechentliche Updates, model change, Besuch uns!

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  • v19 Daily Siege
    v19 Private Server 1000x EXP 500x DROP 1800x Penya, no bugs, fully working 3rd Jobs, crafting System, Perin Converter, the [Deathmatch GW, Colosseum, Pet Filter. Max level cap 250, good support and development. Join us.

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  • COP Fly for Fun
    X100 rates, Einzigartige Systeme/neue Kontinente, massig Waffen/nette Community, JOIN!

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  • Flyff
    Flyff v19, Exp x1000, Drop x600, Penya x600, Fully Working Instant 3rd Jobs Constant Updates, Colosseum, Pet Filter, Fashion Combine, Custom Items/Cloaks/CS Pets, Easy Leveling, Daily Siege

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  • FlyFF New Era
    Rates of 1000x EXP, 750x Penya and 100x Drop. Custom End Boss, Giants. Full 105 Sets and Weapons on NPC drops. Various CS in NPC, good Balanced Classes. Daily Guildsiege and best support online.

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  • Flyff Monsters
    v18 / 19 Exp: 1500x Drop: Penya: 2000x .Balance classes, level cap 250, High rates, Advanced Pick-Up Filter, fashion combine system.Quick job change, functioned colosseum]Good vote reward, premium shops!

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  • FlyFFSod
    x5000 rates, improved Anti-hack system, pet filter, gemacht wurde, Cap 200, Viele Event, Colosseum, Wir sind die geilsten, Join this server.

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  • Download Flyff
    Dedicated Server [V18], no buff limit, Level Cap 150, 2000x Exp x Penya 5000x 4000x Drop, Glow Colors and Glow Wings, Custom Maps, Started Weapon Overhaul, Siege, Event, CS in NPC.JOIN TODAY!

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  • Imp Flyff
    Choose your proffered version v18 or v19, Exp:500x Drop:100x Penya:100x, 24/7 online. Animated wings, GlowChange, PartyFinder, PetFilter, Teleporter, Events daily, active and friendly Staff! Join Today!

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  • Flyff Penya
    Dedicated Server, Professionally managed, 2 Clusters, High Rate: x10,000 and Low Rate: x670, Level Cap 150, No negative awake], Muran, Ancient, Vampire Weapons and Accessories from drop.[Multi-Siege Blade Battle, 3rd Job, Colosseum, Sword of War PvP, Death Match PvP..Join now for the best MMORPG .

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  • Version v15
    New server, V15 Flyff High Rate Serve, Exp 1000x, Drop 1500x, Penya 3000x, Pet skills, PRO awakening system, Colosseum, Custom Collecting System, NO NEGATIVE AWAKENINGS, New Maps, Free CS Items, Teleport System

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  • V19 Fly Moon
    Private servers V19, Exp 500, Drop 500, Penya 500,Friendy gms, Packed Shops,developers team, V7 PK, Burnout,graet support, Aura Changers, online, Pet Filter, Tons Of Custom Content, super fun, Siege, Perin Convertor, New Weapon Fusion

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  • FFG Unique Server
    V18 Chinese Flyff, the most custom fly for fun server with low rates 95x Exp, 75x Penya, 50x for drops, Baruna SFX on ALL Weapons, unique Game Glow Changing System.

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  • V17 Fun
    Online 24.7 servers EXP:3000 DROP:1000 PENYA:5000, Max Level 150,3rd Job, Pvp Arena,Custom Mobs, Items,Places Balance Character Class, DCGW, PVP, Fashions in NPC, V17 CLIENT . Gms are friendly

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  • v20 New Story Flyff
    V20 Beta Files, german and english server, good uptime, Evil Boss and a lot of new features, 100% Fun, join.

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  • FlyFF Senso Server
    EXP Rate: 500x, Drop Rate: 500x, Penya Rate: 500x, No Negative Awakes, Cap 250 for leveling, fast job changes, Burnout, growing community.

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  • Fly to Sun
    New Dedicated Server Rates:500Exp/50Drop 50Penya ,Green Armors Reborn System Custom Donor shop, Hamachi Server, lag free, Friendly GMS good community .Join Us.Philippine Server.Dedicated friendly staff

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  • No Donations German Server
    [Exp: 350x] [Drop: 150x] [Penya: 500x] [RyuSoft v1] Das beste aus allen Flyff Versionen. [No Donates] Schaut es euch selber an. DE server ff.

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  • Bloody V19
    v19 Server, Fast Download, 1000x Server Rates, Red Chips, PVP/PVE, Players Vs Monster Gaming System,Fast Awakening No reversion needed, Custom Systems, Quests, Perin Converter,Dungeons,Online Time Rewards, Party Finder, Perin Conversion, Guild Siege, Awake, Baruna, Glow Change System.Join Today

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  • Fairness2010
    Neuer Flyff Pserver, v13, exp 50, drop 30 und penya 30

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  • Fly For Democracy Fully V17
    [Fly For Democracy is Gr8 V17 Flyff Server][24/7 Dedicated Server 16Gig - No Lag or Crashs][Very Stable/Active][Friendly Staff][Great Donation system][A Lot Of Premiums in Shops][Event Rewards System][Fully Working 3rd Jobs/Skill][No Bugs][Custom Shops][Working Baruna Upgrade System][Working Dungeon

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  • Southside Flyff private server
    [Full V15 with V16][Friendly Community][Dedicated Staff][EXP: 300 DROP: 400 PENYA: 400][Maximum Level 145][No NEGATIVE Awakes!][Antihack][3x Guildsiege][CS Seller][Daily GM events]

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  • Fly For Tigers
    A great fun server, good rates, fresh server which means you can get cozy with the GMs and admins.

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  • Valkyr Flyff server
    v15-v16 Features EXP Rate: 100x Drop Rate: 100x Penya Rate: 100x Friendly GM\'s and member\'s

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