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ClownerCraft is a family friendly minecraft network, with it's roots in the building side of Minecraft. Our network was built to be different, being one of few servers with no pvp and building based ranks when we launched in 2013. Our most popular server is our building-based survival server. Which has no PVP, strictly no griefing and our building based rankup system. Everything is geared towards helping you build, from the motivation of wanting to rankup to the additional perks you gain which can help make your builds easier and more impressive! We like to encourage people to enjoy building, and to be original, and most of our players find this very rewarding. We also have a Creative server, which has a similar rankup system. Every player has access to a selection of worldedit commands, and you get more as you rankup - which can be used in both the plots and freebuild worlds. We have many other servers to play on, including some exclusive minigames which were created by the community and our staff team. Our network was built to be different, to break the mould of what Minecraft servers were at the time. Over the four years our community has grown, and most of them are very friendly. We've worked hard to make it a really refined experience. And we're not stopping there, we have plenty of secret projects and new features planned to bring to the network.

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