RO-se - 13.5 OPENING

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版本 Classic Zero Pre Renewal Renewal
类型 2nd Job Classic Low Rate WoE Balanced International Renewal PVP Active GMs Unique
最近更新04 May 2022
加入日期04 Apr 2022


RO-se - 13.5 OPENING

ROse is a bit twisted as our sexual imagination, but we are honest. We mix pre-renewal classic server and spice it up with few renewal things. Lets join us. rates: 1/1/5 (lower exp, but good episode and nice drop.) episode: 12 (all non-wearable equip for advanced are wearable to 2nd class) max lvl: 99/50 (Try to kill Ifrit or other MVPs with 18 members squad ) party exp bonus: 205% single client 3 types of WoE: 2nd class, 1st class, Super novice class WoE Skill modifications: Sin, BS, Alchemist and Rogues are now strongest WoE characters!