SyFy Ragnarok Online

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版本 Classic
类型 Classic 2nd Job Low Rate Old School WoE Social International
位置 Singapore
最近更新19 Jul 2021
加入日期19 Jul 2021


Server Information: Play SYFY Ragnarok Online Classic Server is a low rate (1x/1x/1x) classic MMORPG server in old classic pre-renewal mechanics and settings. We aim to bring you the nostalgic RO-Classic feeling during 2003-2004 era that no one else can provide which most of us miss in today’s servers due to the requirement of donations and deviation from scope. SYFYRO server is fixed on Episode 8 Niflheim ~ City of the Dead: EP.8 Niflheim, Classic grinding and farming, Normal Server, No Transcendent, Expanded Class (Super Novice Only), No Donaation Required, Old System, No Customs, Dual Client allowed, No MVP Cards, No Mini-Boss Cards, No God Items, No Battlegrounds, No Botting allowed, No Coin System, No Custom Maps, No Custom NPC, No Doram Class, No Job Changer, No Rebirth, No Third Class, No Warper, No Wings Gears.