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状态 Online
最近Ping23 minutes 50 seconds ago
版本 1.20.1
类型 Economy pvp Custom Enchants Land Claim Gui Shop Player Shops Balanced Economy Cosmetics
最近更新24 Sep 2023
加入日期13 Feb 2023


Detox is a Minecraft economy server with custom plugins and features, cosmetics and an established player base. We have two servers focusing on different aspects of economy.

OG: The original server focusing more on PVP and custom enchants with an economy. Features include an in-game shop, land claims and more.

Peaceful: A pure economy server with land claims, baltop, PVE, keep inventory on and a GUI shop.

Both servers feature player shops, where players can buy a small plot with in-game money and sell any in-game items they wish. Both servers also feature player warps where individual players can host a public farm or building that other players can enter and make us of.

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