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Elorial RP [Roleplay] {Fantasy Races} {Community} {Whitelist} {16+} Roleplay


Elorial SMP Season 2 has just started. We are an amazing Minecraft roleplay community with elements of survival, lore, battles, events and more!


The 3 Major Fantasy Races available are:

The Demonic Elves: Powerful Elves banished from their lands for using dark magic to summon The Cherufe. The elves now await for The Cherufe to rise from his dormant state inside of the volcano to rule over the lands.

The Dwarfs: Chased by those with more power than them, they fled underground into the caverns where they started a new life. With time they were forgotten by the outside world. But unknowingly, the Dwarfs were under them, getting stronger and richer!

The Snow Trolls: Fierce warriors that were once forced to flee from their land to the ice region by humans. Generations of evolution in this harsh climate made their fur paler and gave them a more robust body, increasing their strength and making them fearless warriors.


What We Offer: Fantasy Races; each with their own pros and cons and gameplay. No mods needed, just pop the IP in and play! Custom Mobs to create a more difficult gameplay. Events, Raid and Bosses. Brewery! With custom drinks for every race. Unique loots after every event. Custom Enchants, have a completely unique set of equipment! Proximity Chat Tight-Knit Community So much more is in the works!


Other than the SMP itself, Elorial has an amazing community behind the project who supports all its members. We offer out of Minecraft experiences such as: Game Nights! Movie Nights! VC hangouts! and many other activities! Our community welcomes everyone from anywhere in the world! Join our community and get yourself whitelisted today!