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Welcome to SA Crafters!

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SA based Minecraft network with Survival, Creative, and Skyblock. No boring premade setups, the severs are custom configured by us. Join for a premium experience.

Custom Quests

Our survival server has great quests that we create inhouse. Every week we add new quests for everyone to try.


Level up and gain perks and power on our survival server. There are 15 different skills to level up.

Land Claiming/Grief Protection

Whether you play on Survival, Creative or Skyblock your claim will also be safe from others. You can add friends to your claim so that they can help you build!

Pets with skills!

Pets with actual skills! Not just for cosmetics. Pets can carry things for you, help you fight, and be used for fast transport.


Server economy which makes it easy for players to trade and sell items in-game. There is also a player mall in which players can set up shops with fancy chest shops and sell items even when they are offline.

Custom Enchants

Hundreds of awesome custom enchantments on our survival server! Visit the enchanter to trade XP for these special enchantments.

Cross-Server Chat and Messaging

Whether you're playing on Skyblock, Creative or Survival you will be able to chat and message players on the other servers.

Large Creative Plots

Our creative server offers large plots for players to build on. Plots that are next to each other can also be merged into larger plots.

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