Harlon City Server

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网站 harlonserver.net
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状态 Online
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版本 1.17.1
类型 City Economy Trains Roleplay Quests Parkour Citybuild Vehicles Political
位置 Germany
最近更新02 Oct 2022
加入日期26 May 2020


A server with an ever-growing country, featuring opportunities within business, building and politics. 

Hop on the functional metro to your brand new apartment and start your career on the server. Seek employment at a company or start your own - or maybe give a shot at the financial sector and trade stocks. If you're unhappy with the ways things are run - call on your elected politicians for change, or maybe even run for office yourself?

Buy yourself a car, or if you prefer to relax whilst traveling, hop onboard public transportation!

Play sports and other mini-games: among others we have an exclusive hockey game, only playable in Harlon!

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