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版本 1.15.1
类型 Battle Build Cells Combat Creative Custom Gamemodes Custom MiniGames Spigot Guns Games
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新19 Jan 2020
加入日期19 Jan 2020


PurpurMC is Minecraft server in it's early stages of development.
We try to be specialized in minigames.
With at this moment 4 custom games + Survival, Non-OP Prison and Plots
With a small staff team and player base. -yet a fun community.


Purpur Force:
-A First Person Shooter in Minecraft, With custom guns and melee's. At this moment we have over a 100 guns
and more weapons get added over time.
-It's a team based game where you'll fight to get the objective. The most common objectives -
like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Beacon Domination. With game modes in the making like
Attack and Defense, Gun Game, and Capture the Flag.

Murder Run:
-A hide and seek game.
-You have the murderer who will seek the survivors.
-The twist is that you have certain abilities and traps to outsmart both the survivors and the murderer.

-A this moment it is a filler minigame. Everyone knows spleef and it's fun to play once in a while.

-Inspired by: Super Smash Bros, The old Minecade Super Craft Brothers and Super Smash Mobs from Mineplex!
-This game is a Free For All battle between 4 players with multiple pre-created classes. Your objective is to
throw the other players off of the map or kill them with your skills and abilities that your class has.

Non-OP Prison:
-A grinding game where you'll have to make your way to the top by mining resources and selling them for
money. Rank up using money to gain access to better prisons with better resources.
-With different quests and special events planned for the future. This prison is one of the old-fashioned ones.

-Do you wanna show of your building skills to all the other people? I sure do. Just claim a plot and build to your
heart's content.
-We even have projects you can make. If it gets approved by staff we will use your builds in future maps!

-Everyone knows survival. It's every server's basic game mode and what Minecraft is knows for. It's an old classic
survival with events hosted by staff - of course.