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状态 Online
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版本 1.20.x 1.19.x
类型 Cracked Economy Op skyblock Bosses survival Towny
位置 Malaysia
最近更新27 Feb 2024
加入日期09 May 2019


Currently on Alpha State.

Welcome to the Oldest Minecraft survival server,

We have 2 Servers to choose from,

[ Towny Survival Servers ] [Pre-Alpha]
+ Build, create, survive in the world with Custom Bosses and Dangerous Mobs waiting for you to lurk around! McMMO and Elite Mobs are in this server.
+ Rankup by building something cool, then post review in Discord or Live Review by Staff.

[ OP-Skyblock Minion Based Server] [Beta]
+ Make an Island with limited resources, use primitive resources to expand Island such as Cobgen and Tree Regen.
+ Use Minions to help doing small task such as Mining, Slaying animals, Woodcutter, and so on.
+ Rankup (/rankup) to gain more perks and limitations.
+ Complete Challenges in /shop to get reward!
+ There are 30 Ranks, are you prepared for the challenge?

Active and Friendly Staffs, please enjoy the game!

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