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版本 v83
类型 Nostalgic Balanced NoPay2Win No HP Washing Low Rate Custom Content Party Quests Expeditions
位置 Canada
最近更新02 Jan 2023
加入日期02 Jan 2023


Welcome to Castela v83!

Official rates: Exp x3 | Drop x2 | Meso x2

Beta rates: Exp x8 | Drop x2 | Meso x2


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We added a huge amount of new features that vastly improve character progression while staying true to what makes pre-BB gameplay so unique and enjoyable. We've added in new quality of life changes, such as no whack for ranged weapons, quick transport and more, so you aren't wasting your time. No key features are locked behind heavy Vote-to-win (V2W) or Pay-to-win (P2W) barriers either, meaning Castela is super easy to pick up and play!

    - New classes: we're the only v83 server that is offering Battle Mage as entirely new class to play.  

    - New bosses: including Von Leon, Krexel, Legendary Cygnus, Chaos Horntail, Chaos Zakum, Castellan Toad and soon to be released, Magnus.

    - No HP Washing: our Luxury Potions can be exchanged for Boss Coins (an in-game currency), giving players 10k bonus HP. We've also removed the HP/MP cap of 32k!

    - New items: we've added hundreds of new weapons, face accessories, armors and more, with their stats customised individually to improve late game progression.

    - Ultimate Adventurer: if you level your Knight of Cygnus to 120, you can create an Ultimate Adventurer (UA)! A UA is an Explorer class character which starts at level 50, can equip items +10 levels above their current level, and gets some awesome new skills!

    - Widget: all players have access to our in-game widget that optimises the game's efficiency, Expedition stats and more! You won't get DC'd ever at Zakum or any other bosses.

    - Monster Book Cards & Quests: collecting cards and completing quests will give you special medals and rings with amazing stat bonuses.




We have been meticulous in balancing all classes in Castela - not being afraid of addressing fundamental v83 issues like full map attacks (FMAs), so no class is leagues above the rest. We've taken onboard player feedback and made the changes needed to create what we believe is the most balanced v83 available currently. You can view our skill changes here.

    - Hyper skills: reach new levels of power with our custom hyper skills - each class receives a unique skill at level 200 which levels up 3 times!

    - No Magestory: we've fixed a major issue in v83 by added a cooldown to FMAs, and balanced this by providing Mages with new skills in their 4th job.

    - Every class has a party skill: Page's can give party stance, Outlaw's can boost their parties drop rate, Arch Mage's can improve boss drop rate - everyone has something to offer!

    - All weapons are useful: blunt weapons, axes, one & two-handed weapons - they've all been tested and rebalanced so players can use them!

    - Fixing class weaknesses: wasn't it frustrating to be a Mage and not be able to find a boss party? Or be a Warrior and not be able to move around the map? We've worked with players to address these problems so playing your favourite class is far more enjoyable on Castela!




Playing with others and getting to know the community is really important to us, which is why we've done a lot of work around content to get you playing with others. Party Quests, events, party grinding and Expeditions are all integral to our game design, because that's what pre-BB MapleStory is all about.

    - Re-worked Party Quests: KPQ, LPQ, EPQ & PPQ have all been revamped from the ground up to be more challenging. They give amazing rewards for players of any level to benefit from.

    - Fun & challenging Expeditions: working closely with players, our bosses are engaging & challenging. No class can stand still for 30 minutes attacking a boss, you'll need to be moving around the map and working with your party. Von Leon's laser eyes are a 1-hit KO, and Castellan Toad summons an invicibility pillar that you must destroy regularly!

    - Automated events: you'll regularly get the chance to take part in custom events, including Jump Quests, Treasure Hunts, custom bosses and more! Plus, you'll get an epic prize if you're one of the winners.

    - Party play with others: we've redesigned maps to be more party friendly, particularly in LHC, Deep Ludibrium, Future Henseys, Twilight Perion & El Nath. We've also amended party experience to benefit playing with others.




For the Hene-hoes out there, Castela has a massive amount of cosmetic options to create your dream character in v83!

    - Customise at Creation: you can fully customise your character's face, hairstyle and hair color during the character creation stage!

    - Free options in the Cash Shop: we've added newer version pets to the Cash Shop, and have newer version clothes as part of our seasonal collection which only requires you to vote to get!

    - Full catalogue in Donor Store: supporting Castela gives you full access to the thousands of clothes, cosmetics, rings, weapons, pets and chairs we have on offer.


You can find more information in our Guilded community or website.