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版本 v62
类型 Low Rate NoPay2Win Nostalgic Party Quests Rebalanced Skills Social
最近更新19 Apr 2021
加入日期09 May 2020



Want to experience the old MapleStory from 2008? Click here

Server Rates: 2x EXP l 1x MESO l 3x QUEST EXP l NO 2x EXP/DROP Cards | NO PAY2WIN l NO CUBES

MapleLegends is FULLY compatible with WINDOWS, MAC, AND LINUX!

MapleLegends contains skill changes for balancing reasons! For more info click here

History: The development of MapleLegends began in August 2014 with the goal of creating the most nostalgic and functional pre-Big Bang MapleStory gameplay experience to date. Our development, production, and execution has attempted to resemble GMS cerca 2008 as preciously as possible, with many of our features and NPC text matching GMS exactly. MapleLegends moved from Alpha into Closed Beta in December 2014, from Closed Beta into Open Beta in late January 2015, and officially went live on April 1st, 2015.

Features: MapleLegends has numerous features with many never before seen in any pre-Big Bang server to date. These include, but are not limited to: Cash Shop interfaces (gifting, storage, rings, pets, every item working), Merchant Interfaces (Owl of Minerva, GMS Fredrick/Hired Merchants), Mini-Games (Omok, Match Cards), Skills (every skill working), Quests (every quest working), Party Quests (Henesys, Kerning, Ludibrium, Ludibrium Maze, Orbis, Herb Town/Pirate, Guild Quests), and much much more. All of our content is tested countless times before being releasing, so you will know that you are experiencing a high quality and polished product when exploring the world of MapleLegends.

Region-Friendly: In addition to the maps from GMS, MapleLegends also offers access to fully translated maps, monsters, and quests that were only available in other MapleStory regions. This brings nostalgia to players who played other MapleStory Regional Servers as well. For example, MapleLegends currently has Shanghai and Thailand from MapleSEA, along with Taiwan (Ximending) and Night Market from MapleStory Taiwan. The MapleLegends team will continue to work hard to bring new content that is nostalgic for people all around the world.

Stability: While lag may be part of a nostalgic experience, MapleLegends sees this as an aspect that negatively affects gameplay. This is why we offer you one of the most stable servers to date. MapleLegends has a record uptime of 54 days without lag spikes, crashes, or server freezes. Stability is one of the most important goals at MapleLegends, since we want players to be able to play the game smoothly. To achieve this, we have a dedicated server and a very polished server code to ensure that the server allows for hundreds of players to play without interruptions.

No Pay2Win: While we are an old MapleStory server, we do not offer any "Pay2Win" content. All the players are equal and there are no advantages between a donor or a regular user. We do not offer cubes, potential cubes, or any other item that has ruined the current MapleStory. MapleLegends has all "NX" equips available in-game for free and available for all the users, with an exception to a few items available to donors. These items are cosmetic only and do not give any advantages.

No Vote2Win: Vote2win is a term in the Private Server community where the rewards from voting on GTOP is so good that you can quit for months while still voting and come back with a lot of stashed rewards and Mesos. In MapleLegends there's no such thing, so playing is better rewarded than voting. Voting on MapleLegends is for cosmetics, owls, and other small things. Also, cash items cannot be traded like the original game, which means that rewards from voting cannot be exchanged for Mesos. By doing this we reward people actually playing our server, and also make people that vote multiple times not have a huge benefit. Gachapon Tickets cannot be bought from the Cash Shop, and only drop from mobs in 2 tiers.

Skill balancing: While v0.62 is a great Old School version it had a lot of balancing issues. MapleLegends offer skill balance changes that altered the values of a few skills. Paladins are very usable and not the worst job and Shadowers can use Boomerang Step of hills unlike the real game around the time. For all information about our skill changes click here and look for the 'Skill Changes' category.

Community: Due to our low rates we have one of the most mature and friendly communities out there, ready to help you out and play together with you. If you begin your journey into MapleLegends alone, expect to make new friends very quickly.

Conclusion: MapleLegends is the solution if you've been wishing that you could re-experience pre-Big Bang MapleStory in its prime. To learn even more about our server, please visit our website and join today:

I have been playing the server for about a month now and have to say from my experience, it's a lot of fun and the community is great and extremely lively.
people have welcoming me with open arms from day 1 with any questions I've had and overall the atmosphere is very friendly.
It also holds true to the classic maple feel helping me personally relive the glory days I missed.
The GMs are very friendly and diligent with the few bad eggs making sure to ban on a daily basis.
Any questions you may need answering are likely to be found on the forums as its packed with guides and helpful tips towards new or returning players and it never hurts to ask for help in game should you need it as most of the time you will be met with great compliance.
There is also a library section on the main page that should you need to find a specific monster or item, you can search there to find what you're looking for.

The server contains a few areas that I myself weren't familiar with as they were designed for other religions of Maplestory such as KMS, but it adds a fun twist and gives you a chance to experience different aspects of the game you didn't get to as a kid.

As someone who hasn't touched the game in many years, this server overall provided me with a great experience 10/10.


MapleLegends brings you the classic feel of the early days of MapleStory with a thriving and friendly community, active and helpful staff, Quests, PQ's, Bosses, Events and more! Fully Mac compatible, lag-free and with next to no hackers, MapleLegends is the best and easiest way to relive your nostalgic journey through old-school MapleStory. Choose from the original 5 classes: Archer, Mage, Pirate, Thief or Warrior and battle to the top with the friends you'll find along the way. 


Come enjoy maple how it was meant to be, how we liked it, how we grew up and most of all when then community was way better. Maplelegends has the oldschool based skills and maps, with a few added maps for more fun. We also have a great community, people like to help each other out and make jokes ( just like you're probably used to).

Waste no more time and check out Maplelegends for yourself!

It was 10 years since I last touched MapleStory, but I stumbled across this gem of a server a few years back. The community is great and caters towards various playstyles. If you want to just chill out, make friends, and socialize you can. If you want to sweat out and grind like a monster, you can too! The Team's constant efforts to get rid of some of the major issues on all old school private servers is super admirable. The Monster Book Ring is an awesome addition to the server that really made me want to keep on grinding and work towards my goals.

There's a lot of bosses from various regions that I never got to try as a kid, like Jiaoceng, CWKPQ bosses, Castellan Toad, and of course the originals like Horntail and Pink Bean!

MapleLegends is a 10/10 server! 

It is a fun and engaging private server with many unique rebalancing ideas (such as reworked paladins), smart buffing system (worse buffs do not overwrite the better ones like they did in GMS) and an evergrowing community full of funny and engaging people. Every aspect of the server, from the channel number to the drop rate of each monster is considered by the GMs so bring about the most balanced experience possible while still feeling like there's no difference from old GMS. Quests also grant extra experience so that people that do not enjoy the monotonous grinding can still get rewarded for their time and investment. 

All of this results in a truly nostalgic experience that any old GMS player will feel familiar with, while trying to be as balanced and respectful to that nostalgia as possible. This also results in people being more inclined to help new players familiarize themselves with the harder aspects of the server and the meta.