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版本 Pre Big Bang
类型 Community Custom Content Dedicated NoPay2Win Nostalgic Party Quests Rebalanced Skills Balanced
United Kingdom
最近更新13 Jul 2020
加入日期16 Apr 2020


MapleSiege - Ranked War Server - V83 MapleStory Private Server

Welcome to MapleSiege! We offer a Pre-Big Bang MapleStory Experience with a twist! Our active staff and dev teams aim to release new content weekly based upon player suggestions. Join our discord for important information, game updates, and to submit suggestions.


Rates: Exp x5 - Quest Exp - x6 - Boss Drop x2 - Drop x1  - Meso x1
Weekly updates, minimal downloading.
Fair, and balanced level up rewards.
Skills Reworked; More classes are viable late game
No HP Wash; Balanced HP Gains, & rewarding HP through gameplay.
No Secondary Stat requirements certain Equipment Items
Speed Cap, Damage Cap, Magic Cap Reworked.
All scrolls will attempt two rolls before failure!
Custom Rankings, World Boss Rankings, Expediton Boss Rankings
Team based events, custom content, daily, & weekly.

War Events:

Five Different Weekly Custom Events Based
Climb the Ranking, and Unlock new rewards
Monday - Invasion
Tuesday & Thursday - Clash
Friday - Ranked Siege
Saturday - Boss Rift
Sunday - Guild Wars
Ranked - Leaderboards - Achievements

Custom Rankings

Based on Honor, Achievements, and War Rank

Custom Medals:

Unlocked based on acvhievements
Medals for defeating Bosses
Pvp, and World Ranking Medals

Chaos Crafting:

Custom Maker crafting
Free Chaos scroll applied upon crafting -7 ~ +7
Advance strengthning gems buffed!
Dragon, reverse, timeless, and many more sets!
Item level up, and rare scrolls

World Bossing:

Increased Difficulty of World Bosses
Custom Solo, Party Quest, Team, and Expedition Bosses
Collect Medals, and Ornaments on Kill
Exchange unique Boss ETC, and drops for equipment upgrades!

Party Quest:

Increased level limits
Balanced, and better rewards
Collect rare NX, and a unique equipment per PQ
Boss ETC exchange, and experience buffed

Challenge Questline:

Visit various traning locations
Battle, & collect unique drops
Gain experience, challenge & gachapon tickets
Mid game equipment progression

Expanded End Game:

Custome Expeditions, and Boss Drop Tables
Late game equipment progression
Star Forge custom scrolls, and equipments
Exchange your boss ornaments, for unique rewarsds.

Progression Ring:

Progressivly gain stats based on your efforts. (Balanced)
Achievement system to show off how far, and how hard you work
Custom Ring effects for different power levels
Account based

Legion System:

Rewards for growing multiple characters to a high level on the same account.
Account based unique skills, and areas unlocked
Combine with progression ring, and star forging to tackle the toughest bosses!

Our Community!

No Pay2Win, No Vote2Win!
Strong Core Community; Players Log, and Boss Daily!
All GMS Quests Working
Consume, ETC, max stack increase.
Increased Max Level On Cygnus To 200
Boat Travel Reduced To One Minute
HenneHoe Approved Server
@Commands In Game For List of Commands
Monster Card System 

Challenge Quest:
World Bosses:
Custom PQ; Demon's Gateway, The Crimson Raider, Princess Rescue.
Custom Expeditions: Capt Latanica's Capture, Spreading Terror
Futurue releases: VonLeon/Toad/Krexal
BossPQ/GuildPQ/Expeditions/Mu Lung Dojo

Challenge Quests - PvP - PvP Rankings - Boss Trade in - Scroll drops - Forger - Raider Coins - Vote Points + Cash General Store - World Stylist - Bulletin Board: Guides & Information

Enjoy The Summer With MapleSiege!