Eden Heroes

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Website edenheroes.com
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Version 3.3.5a 3.3.5
Type Crossfaction Custom Custom Items Custom Quests Dungeons PVP BATTLE ROYALE Instance Key System Progressive Progression Funserver
Last Update17 Dec 2023
Join Date27 Nov 2023


Eden Heroes

Eden Heroes Project is a custom Wrath of The Lich King expansion inspired by World of Warcraft universe, our objective is to provide a fair and free gaming experience not limited by class, race, or faction.

All factions can group together to defeat The Scourge army, uniting players in a shared battle against common foes and challenging encounters.

Currently our server is being split in multiple phases with tons of new upcoming custom content and improvements in player's quality of life

In Eden Heroes, we introduce the innovative Battle Royale Mode, where players can engage in WorldPvP, arenas, and battlegrounds with a unique twist. Here, victory earns you the right to loot your defeated opponents' gear and gold, adding a new level of competition and reward to PvP combat.

Our Instance Key System ensures that players experience every part of the game. Starting with the Ragefire Chasm key, adventurers progress through each dungeon, with challenges scaling up to level 70 raids like the Sunwell Plateau, culminating in the epic Lich King dungeons.

We embrace diversity and inclusivity in our Custom Elements. Here, every class and race begins their journey in a single start zone, promoting peaceful interactions, collaborative dungeon and raid creation, and the forming of guilds and groups.

On our server, challenge is a key element. Mobs and bosses are 2.5 times more difficult than usual, requiring players to strategize and adapt to survive. This increased difficulty is balanced by enhanced player stats, ensuring a thrilling and fair gameplay experience.

Join us in Eden Heroes Project, where your journey through the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is reimagined, offering a richer, more engaging, and more collaborative World of Warcraft experience.