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Website spp-tbc.no
Discord Discord
Version 2.4.3
Type Arenas Battlegrounds Crossfaction Friendly Staff Low Rates PVP PvE
Location Norway
Last Update27 Nov 2023
Join Date27 Nov 2023


Dreaming of playing TBC just as you want?

Don't worry! We got the server for you!
SPP-TBC is running on the latest and greatest Classics Repack, with recent updates from the team. 3-4000 bots online to play with.

Raid, PvP and do Arena to pwn some nubs!
There is currently no donation system up and running and we dont plan for a system.

Command the players just the way you want! Conquer elite bosses in raids with your army!

Running early campain, bring your friends and each recieve 100g! Only aplicable to one character!

Rates are super blizzlike for the moment, but we are thinking of raising them to 3x-5x for experience gain. We will have the players decide!

Sounds interresting?

Check out



PS: We are also looking for competent GM's that can help our new players on their journey!

We are also looking for someone to manage a discord server and set it up since i don't have time to manage it!