Dark Age of Azeroth

Website darkageofazeroth.com
Discord Discord
Version 1.12.1
Type Progression Battlegrounds Classic Custom Friendly Staff
Location Germany
Last Update01 Aug 2021
Join Date01 Aug 2021


The registration website is now up! Please register an account at : http://darkageofazeroth.com/ (Don't mind the placeholder registration page) Make sure you have the standard private server 1.12.1 vanilla client. Please set your realmlist to the server: set realmlist darkageofazeroth.com

The discord server is: https://discord.gg/9fCPeEpkP4

Come say hi! or if you have an issue or any questions.

Some notes: so early in the open alpha, world chat and global chat are cross faction. So make sure to join those. Also, cooking is pretty much a must. Vendor food and mage food conjuration is being removed. The game is being switched over to a player driven economy. You MUST hunt beasts or go fishing for meat, and cook up food. Or else you must trade for food with others indirectly from your other professions.

Dark Age of Azeroth is in development. It is a Vanilla "Plus" project.

We are trying to address some of the stale meta that has been played out for 17 years. Of buffing weaker and crappy professions. And boosting the leveling / solo viability / pve dps output of underpar specs such as Arcane Mage + Balance Druid + Elemental Shaman + Smite Priest, etc. So that the entire pve meta isnt pure warriors and rogues BiS.

Please give your guys' feedback on the changes so far ingame when you play.

See you ingame!