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Version 3.3.5a
Type Arenas Battlegrounds Blizzlike Crossfaction Custom Commands Donate Reward Dungeons Fun Realm Transmogrifier Shop
United Kingdom
Last Update26 Sep 2020
Join Date23 Sep 2020


- Xp rate x4 weekend 8x
- Gold rate x3
- Pocket Teleporter
- All flights paths known (toggle instant flight)
- Skill chance Skill gain x10
- Drops 13x
- Hd models, custom client
- Server location : London
- Movespeed 1.2
- On character creation boost shirt, boost tabard, bags, free heirlooms, pocket teleporter.

- Removed all item level limits
- Removed 'Bind on Pickup'/'Souldbound' type items

- AzerothCore Emu

Auto Learn spells on lvlup
1 vs 1 Arena
Various Account Achievements
Auction House Bot
All races can be All classes
BG rewards token
Cross faction battlegrounds

.buff command - Give player/group all buffs from various classes
.unstuck - Like Hearthstone ports you back to last inkeeper home

- Rewards on lvlups money, various fun items:)
- Guild zone system
- World Chat -  .chat msg //to send msg//

Custom npcs,items,vendors:

Instance Reset npc
Beastmaster npc for hunters
Gambler - like casino for money
Server Teleporter
Event Vendor
Multivendor Gems, Glyphs
Global Trainer for class spells
Faster proffesion and reputation gain