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Discord Discord
Type Shard Rpg
Location United States
Last Update31 May 2023
Join Date02 Feb 2023


Confictura: Legend & Adventure‚Äč

A people-first roleplaying shard.
Come and leave your mark in a fantastic world.
No donation rewards, no donation link, no pay to win features.
A shard for true adventurers!
Custom client files required to play are available on our website!

  • Choose to participate in PvP or forgo it altogether
  • 1000 point skill cap standard start with alternate starting options available
  • 33 categories of non-human playable races with their own bonuses and drawbacks
  • 9 lands to unlock and over 100 dungeons to explore
  • All skills are useful and custom skills available
  • Build in and around premade and custom houses using Remodeling Tools and Lawn Tools
  • 12 new variants of "magic" to learn or unlock
  • Hundreds of artifacts and other treasures to find, including weapons, armor, clothing, trinkets, and other rarities
  • Intricate quests that take you on dungeon delves across all 9 lands for splendid rewards
  • Comprehensive in-game Help Menu and Info Menu available on your Paperdoll
  • No wiki, just talk to any NPC within the game world to learn how things work