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Website uoquest.world
Discord Discord
Version Renaissance
Type Pvp Pvm Pve
Location Ukraine
Last Update16 Apr 2021
Join Date16 Apr 2021



UO PvP Quest World shard

Brought to you by legendary folks from the old-fashioned, our beloved PVP-alfa shard.

Warning! Beware hardcore PVP and PVE players!

Ultima Online client version 2.0.3. Renaissance

Server language: English, Russian

- Powered by Orion, Injection, Razor, ClassicUO.

- 6 races: Human, Berserker, Amazon, Vampire, Paladin, Necromancer.

- Massive PVP events.

- Skill progressive system, dynamic loot, new abilities and hardcore teamplay combo.

- Playtime rewards.

- Interesting PVE (rare creatures taming, dynamic dungeons, bosses, rare items and artefacts, treasures etc.) and crafting system.

Trading is allowed on the server. E.g. 1 TM point price is $35 to sell. You can farm and sell your stuff for real money!


Learn more https://uoquest.world/en/

Submit for battle now https://uoquest.world/en/files/


Enjoy playing among the best of the best UO players. UO PvP Quest World shard


UO Pvp Quest World is one of the oldest and best pvp shards on the internet. Newcomers are also welcomed to fight and compete along with toughtest pvp players.

Pvp events, Pve locations, Dungeons, Artefacts, Bosses and Mounts. Some of the rarest mounts and prizes you can get from special events like Grand Tournament which is held once per quarter.

6 classes with unique abilities, stats and skills.

Active trading for real money. You can farm stuff and sell it to other players. E.g. you got tournament balls from events, thereafter you can sell it or get a trade for it. Prices are very high tho, you actually can sell a TM point for at least $30. Tournament balls represents crucial resources for altering your class level.

Pvm also included, however, it's pretty boring considering shard is pvp-focused.

You can use orion, razor, injection whatever you like to play.

Comparing with other shards, there are mostly PVE shards out there and less pvp ones so UO Pvp Quest World is a good way to go if you willing to feel good pvp fights.

The client is 2.0.3, Renaissance, however it perfectly works with new UI like Orion etc.

As for guidance feel free to use their website, it's pretty informative and billingual for international players.

Administration and support is very open and friendly. Use discord channel https://discord.gg/APpBYnKSWt for most questions.

Thank you!