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Website Website
Version Customized
Type Ultima Online Simulator
United States
Last Update23 Oct 2015
Join Date22 Sep 2013

Server Info

A Stygian Abyss era shard with active development, powerful dedicated servers, and regional routing to help improve game play for all.
Change Logs
21 Dec 2014
More Christmas content. (More details to follow). Added chance for Melisande beard dye. Tweaks to magery AI for BaseCreature. Fixed issue with donation bags of sending blessed property. All virtue artifacts are now pigmentable. Area hit spells now center on the defender, not the attacker.
27 Dec 2014
More core changes to reduce overhead. Added ***, ***, and *** for the winter spawn rewards. Changed holiday items to display the year they were obtained. Removed year from properties on deeded holiday items. Correction for word of death damage: add SDI, change to direct dmg. Discordance failure cooldown reduced to 1 second. Christmas stockings will auto-fill on xmas day the year they are obtained. Numerous holiday items added 2 days ago.
10 Jan 2015
Archery pause of 350ms has been reduced to 100ms. Fixed bug that causes client crashes in world chat. Fixed moving shot special move. Misc. AI optimization. Greater dragons have been tweaked, explanation to follow.
17 Jan 2015
Added support for monster stealables (not in yet). Fix for players riding newer style ethies. Fixed word of death to use direct damage and spell damage increase appropriately. Added Sea Market region. High seas galleons are now in. The cannons are not available yet but will be shortly! The Tokuno ship and Gargoyle ship can be purchased at the Sea Market. The Britannian ship can obtained via the community collection, britannian waters section. The Orc ship will be available at a later date. Boat paints are available at the sea market.
01 Feb 2015
Updates to Wakened Online: Reduced the value of looted and runic items for Clean up Britannia. Armor sets, jewlery sets and quivers will no longer dropped blessed from the CuB barrels. Armor sets from CuB will now cost 10000 points each. Hit area will now count for dead defenders. Mortal strike now has time based scaling. Added mindrot, corpse skin, strangle, blood oath, mortal evil omen to talisman curse removal. Fixed some bugs and added some features to Galleons. Added a chance for Lower Ammo Cost to runic crafted bows. Runic Bow Corrections (Bows ONLY) Added possible Lower Ammo Cost -or- Mage Weapon 120 max luck 25 max hit chance increase 25 max defense chance increase Fire resist bonus max 18% Cold resist bonus max 18% Poison resist bonus max 18% Energy resist bonus max 18% Removed the following items from CuB: Chaos Banner Order Banner Ultima Banner Horse Barding (deco) Archery Butte Added the following to CuB for 2000000 points each: Duelist’S Edge Talisman Anatomy +10 Stamina Regeneration 2 Hit Chance Increase 5% Damage Increase 20% Lucky Charm Talisman Hit Point Regeneration 1 Stamina Regeneration 1 Mana Regeneration 1 Luck 150 Mystic's Memento Talisman Focus +10 Mana Regeneration 1 Spell Damage Increase 5% Lower Reagent Cost 10% Necromancer's Phylactery Talisman Spirit Speak +10 Mana Regeneration 1 Spell Damage Increase 5% Lower Reagent Cost 10% Soldier's Medal Talisman Tactics +10 Stamina Regeneration 2 Hit Chance Increase 5% Damage Increase 20% Wizard's Curio Talisman Evaluate Intelligence +10 Mana Regeneration 1 Spell Damage Increase 5% Lower Reagent Cost 10%
14 Feb 2015
Updates to Wakened Online: Added Valentines Day content. Maximum obtainable hit points on mobiles increased. Big fish now show dates, along with the trophy. Reduced requirement to get the Britannian Ship to 20,000,000 points (to match OSI). Misc. core side changes. Added high seas fish. The crabs, lobsters, fishing quests, bait and fish pies are not added yet, but they will be! Details on the fish types you can catch, and their locations can be found here: http://uo2.stratics.com/skill-guides/skills-and-professions/fishing/fishing-in-the-high-seas
15 Feb 2015
Wakened Online Test Center Update: The following items will now be added to new characters bank boxes, in addition to what you already get. - A bag of all recipes - A bag of ML resources - A bag of Champion Artifacts Also, the runic tool bag now includes runic fletching and carpentry kits.
15 Feb 2015
Updates to Wakened Online: The gift for arielle basket will no longer retain items when you die. Guaranteed gain system implemented. More details on the GGS system can be found here: https://www.wakened.net/p/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?3059
22 Feb 2015
Updates to our Wakened Online: - ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Added grapes of wrath, enchanted apple and fruit bowl. - You can now use commodity deeds on high seas fish. - Commodity deeds can be redeemed or filled in galleon holds. - Added some relevant messages to pilots of galleons. - Corrected animation for harvesting when no resources are left. - Changed system message for no resources etc. to overhead message instead. - Added General Ug champion to repond slayer group. - Reduced fish respawn times. - Reduced hit points on custom valentine peerless. - Fixed InfernalOoze on Monstrous Interred Grizzle. - Added crabs and lobsters in preparation for lobster traps. - Enhancing with frostwood on shield will now set the correct Faster Casting property. - Fixed login equipment validation. - Added ability to squelch accounts from world chat in it's entirety. - Disabled mortal strike scaling. - Increased drops for runic fletching kits on Treefellows. - Server side optimizations. - You can now pilot the new galleons via the ships wheel from any distance, while on the ship. - Updated public moongate and event gate for Luna locations.
01 Mar 2015
Updates to Wakened Online: - Treasure of Tokuno are now enabled for ToT III. - Added fish, crab and lobster baits in preparation for professional fisher quests. - Allowed the use of peerless keys independently until they expire or get used. - Reduced drop chance of Minax artifacts on Minax Captain's hoards. - Increased storage bonus from 20% to 60% for all houses. - Added an option to unsecure castle courtyards. - Extensive memory usage cleanup and optimization of code. - Fix for items being stuck on the internal map instead of being disposed of. - Removed world chat. - Added loot pack with miscellaneous items. - Corrected login equipment validation. - Added content in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. - Pristine Dread Horn is now stackable. - Fixed hue on brilliant amber. - Reversed change to make harvesting messages appear overhead. - Removed New Zealand link from server list. - Added Californian link to server list. - Enchanted Apples and Grapes of Wrath are now stackable. - The following items can now be put into commodity deeds: Most stackable food Granite (all types) Gems (all types) ML Gems (all types) ML Resources (all stackable types) Peerless Resources (all stackable types)
03 Mar 2015
The following updates have been applied to Wakened Online today: - Temporarily added runebook with some marked locations to new player gift package. - Temporarily added 1,000,000 bank check to new player gift package. - Temporarily added house placement tool to new player gift package. - Removed bow freeze. - Fixed faction checks in the context of alliance building. - Item() support for localized message in range. - Increased drop chance for higher end runic fletching kits to 2.5% on treefellows. - Temporarily added gold to the donation store. To see any of our previous updates, you can view them on our forums here: https://www.wakened.net/p/forum/forum.php