Saga Ragnarok Online

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Sürüm Pre Renewal highrate latestserver
Tür Trans Class
Konum Singapore
Son Güncelleme07 Sep 2023
Katılım Tarihi07 Sep 2023


Welcome to Saga Ragnarok Online,High rate server. Rates: 10kx/10kx/10kx/ (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate./Quest exp). Max Level Trans: 255/120 Max Stats Trans: 255 Max ASPD: 196 Instant cast: 130 dex....Many Custom Features, Custom item, Events SQI (Super Quest Item) Sooo many quest available, Vote achieved target reward system, and there are plenty of additional downported/modified items to give more options for more builds,The server is run by one dev, suggestions are accepted. And Yes! our server Hosted @singapore Dedicated Server for better gaming experience