Pinecraft Equestrian

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Sürüm 1.19.3
Tür Horses Rpg Multiplayer Survival SMP Plots Youtubers Economy Bedrock Java Horse
Son Güncelleme20 Dec 2022
Katılım Tarihi28 Sep 2022


Pinecraft Equestrian

Pinecraft Equestrian is a unique 1.19.3 Minecraft server created for the youtuber Abigail Pinehaven and her community of horse-game fans! A fully-equipped survival world with bespoke custom plugins and textures brings an unparalleled equine experience to immerse yourself in. Make friends, train, trade and breed your steeds, gather resources and grow, while building your homestead on your very own plot of land!

A fun community server with events, livestreams and the chance to feature in YouTube videos!

Open to both Java AND Bedrock players!


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