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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.9
Tür Multiplayer Survival Survival Games Survival
Konum Philippines
Son Güncelleme10 Aug 2022
Katılım Tarihi09 Aug 2022


🛑Ghost Craft PH Smp🛑

📢Good day! We are recruiting Members in our Server for S8!!!
📢Java Ft. Bedrock

➖➖Java and Bedrock mechanics➖➖

✅ Paid Server
✅ Anti cheats
✅ Dynamic Map
✅ Tp to other players(Accept/Decline Choices)
✅ Economy
✅ Achievements
✅ Spawn Protection
✅ Land Claim
✅ World border (5k Blocks)
✅ Paid Server
✅ 10yrs old up
✅ Have a discord account (Proximity call)

➖➖Griefing and Rules➖➖

❎ Toxic Player (Cheater, Hacker, Griefer, Trashtalker, Thieves)
❎ Baby Mindset
❎ Wither spawning to grief
❎ Killing other players (MUST have agreement)
❎ Dragon killing (MUST wait for the owner's Permission)
❎ Raiding End Cities (MUST kill the dragon first)

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