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Tür Multiplayer Survival Vanilla Survival Fantasy Abilities Economy
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Son Güncelleme16 Jul 2022
Katılım Tarihi04 Jul 2022


Pandemonium is a server that grown by the creator imagination, it's a survival based server that just born week ago.
Just like the name says "PANDEMONIUM", means you can do what you can to survive in this server because this server doesn't use land protection or land claim, But you can still keep your items if you died.

▪ Easy Economy
Money are easy to earn, by selling ores, vote, and claiming daily rewards!

▪ Custom Enchant
Now enchanting table gives you some custom enchantments! (Check it out!)

▪ Skills
Every player can level up their own skill now such as alchemy, mining, combat, armory, fishing, and much more!

▪ Reforge
If skills can be leveled up, Weapons too!

Who doesn't know mcmmo? get your punny bread over here!

▪ Daily Rewards
Login every day and claim some resource!

▪ Vote Rewards
Rewards can be obtained from vote, and the rewards is better than daily rewards!

▪ Trade System
You can trade with other player if you want!

▪ True Survival
As it says, you can't create land protection or even keep your item when you died, but you can still keep your xp and even use /back commands to retrieve your dropped items!

▪ Chest Protection
Even without land protection you can still protect your chest using old ways! [PROTECT]


Hope you enjoy playing on my server!