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This is a minecraft hub with 4 servers to play on:

LabTrials: You fight other players while on your platform while random events occur to you and others around you. Last person alive wins. Has custom pets that will help you defeat your opponents as well as custom items such as a portal gun or wands

SmpGenX: A smp were you are on a custom survival map but with a major twist were you can craft a generator out of any item as long as you got 2 1/2 stacks of the item. This is also custom items such as infused armor and tools as well as auto crafters and amulets.

MHCastleX: A server were you build your kingdom and attack others with your army. You can steal there resources or gather your own while building a army of your own.

PetSimMc: This is a server where you hatch pets that collect coins for you but with limited strength. You can then use this coins to buy more pets or use your collected emeralds to enchant your pets or purchase upgrades.

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You must be able to use skript very well and create a good server