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Sürüm 1.19.4
Tür English Survival Minigames Ranks Adventure Story Quests SMP
Konum Estonia
Son Güncelleme04 Jun 2023
Katılım Tarihi24 Mar 2022


PawSurvival Europe - a server with a story! 

* Quests
* Unique story, locations, music
* Minigames
* Minecraft Bedrock support (Port needs to be 25565)
* Regular survival

You can ofcourse play regular survival, but our spawn offers many quests, unique music depending on locations, mysteryboxes, which you can find by playing in the server, daily luckywheel, minigames and more. If you feel like you want to explore, do quests, solve the mystery and follow the story than this is the server for you!

Our Discord:
Our Youtube channel:

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