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Durum Online
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Sürüm 1.18.2
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United States
Son Güncelleme03 Jul 2022
Katılım Tarihi28 Oct 2021


DawnCraft is a Towny SMP Server with custom RPG features that provide a unique and fun experience for our players. 

DawnCraft has many features such as:
- Custom tools, weapons and armor called Relics.
- Custom Enchants that make your tools, weapons and armor even more powerful.
- Reforging, which allows you to modify your tools, weapons and armor.
- Custom fishing that adds a whole new definition of fishing in Minecraft.
- 11 different Jobs for players to level up in and make money in.
- Skills for players to level up to unlock perks and increase stats.
- Stats that increase how fast you move, damage you can deal and your health.
- Seasons that add a variety of content to the server such as season exclusive items, titles, a seasonal questline, and a season ending server wide event.
- Craftpass, players can complete daily and weekly challenges to level up their Craftpass and earn rewards. There are both free and premium rewards.
- Quests, players can complete daily, weekly and monthly quests to earn rewards.
- Dungeons, where players battle through monsters, mini bosses and then a final boss.
- A player based economy.
- A friendly player focused community.
- And much much more!

So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun today!

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