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Durum Online
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Sürüm 1.20.x 1.20.1 1.20 1.20.0
Tür No Grief No Griefing No pvp Economy Free Ranks Survival No Lag Creative Active
Konum Netherlands
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Katılım Tarihi27 Oct 2018



Non profit server, all donations go towards uptime and premium plugins. Current expected lifetime of server as of writing (16-1-20): 3 more years at least. 

An awesome community since 27-10-18

Discord link removed due to direct message advertising. Join our server and do /discord to join!

Always updates to the latest possible version! Active staff always available on discord! 

 • Looking for a nice friendly server to play on?

 • Want to be part of a community?

 • Sick of servers pretending to be the latest version with plugins like ViaVersion, but they actually are 10 versions behind?

 • Every server seems so impersonal?

 • Claiming plugins are a pain?

 • Don't feel like hiding yourself just to be able to play without being raided and killed every day?

• Sick of only being seen as a source of money by server owners?

We thought the same things! So we started Graceless SMP!

Don't feel like being a low rank on a server that doesn't give you anything unless you pay? Then join us! You gain ranks from playing the game! Commands like /fly and /back can be gained from just playtime! You can also get more homes just from playing. The first rank up is already at 2 hours ! If you are an active member, that is supportive and a part of the community on discord, you even have a chance to become a staff member! Staff members are always trusted and active members of the server! 

We are a server that does not allow any stealing, raiding, hacking or pvping. Our staff members are well trained by experienced staff members before being allowed to operate. All bans have to be accounted for and most small offenses can be appealed. However hacking and extreme raids/thefts are always permanent bans!

Discrimination is also a permanent ban. Our goal is to make a safe space for everyone to have fun without being judged for who they are. Doesn't matter if you are part of a religion, part of a certain political group or who you love. You are welcome here.

No need to struggle with where your claim is or what goes where. Just build wherever you want without any issues! As long as it is 200 blocks away from others and 100 blocks away from server builds. You are fine! Easily use /wild to get away and build. If a player or you are too close. Builds can easily be moved by an admin! 

We have a lot of quality of life improvement plugins, pets, an economy, container protections and much, much more! There are also warps made by the server staff like an adminshop, a player shop area and EXP farms!

The owners of the server (a couple) are always easily contacted through discord!

We allow players to teleport with things like /home, /spawn, /tpa, /tpahere and /warp ! Warps can be bought with ingame currency or won from voting! 

Join our discord to share memes, music, videos, art! Suggest plugins and datapacks! Get fast support! Voicechat with other members of the server, listen to music with them and share your adorable pet pictures! Discord link removed due to direct message advertising. Join our server and do /discord to join!

Parental warning: Please be advised that ******** is allowed on the server. Players are only punished for directing ******** towards other players.

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