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Our Creative server offers the best tools for creative gameplay!

The Creative server is plot based but that doesn’t mean boring flatlands. We have implemented plot themes which are custom premade terrains for your plots, which you can choose on claim and change afterwards. Besides the regular overworld plots, we have created nether and end dimension plot worlds.

The plot size or amount isn’t a problem either. All players are able to merge plots and remove the roads in between. You can get more plots by voting (one each day you vote on all voting sites). Plots can be customized with biomes and plot flags which enable you to change the time, weather and other variables.

All members have access to basic WorldEdit. BuildCraftia has blazing fast WorldEdit and every player has access to the basic commands. By voting, you can gain full range of commands.

Voting earns you lots of perks. By voting you gain something called Reputation which earns you perks which include: permanent WorldEdit commands, access to bigger plots and armorstand tools. You also get perks on our other servers!

We also offer you a bunch of custom features. Custom player heads menu, banner menu, armorstand editing tools, unlimited homes and more! Creative is constantly evolving and we’re adding more and more features - most of which are suggested by our community.

Read more about our Creative server here:


Our Survival is a peaceful, claim based server. By playing on the server you earn claim blocks which allow you to claim and protect your builds. You can also add your friends to your claims to help you. The more you play, the more land you have access to.

The game is based on economy, trading and expanding your claim. You can earn money by selling your items to the admin shops, other players or even offering your services to other players. Are you the one to conquer the balance list?

Read more about Survival here: <linketh>


Chaos is a pure hardcore pvp survival experience. Chaos has no claiming, no homes, no kits… Raiding builds, traps and pvp are all allowed on this hardcore server; whatever it takes to survive.

Chaos world was generated using the amplified terrain option. The map itself isn’t that huge either. Going around isn’t as easy as it is in a regular Minecraft world. Falling off is one of most dangerous things that can happen. As you have no commands to go back, losing your stuff is almost guaranteed.

The environment, players and luck are all against you. Are you ready to take on this hostile environment? Join Chaos today and see how long you can survive.

Destroy The Core

Destroy The Core is -the- minigame of BuildCraftia. We were the first ones to create a game of this type. Played by many of the big names of YouTube including Graser10 and ItsKricken.

Destroy the Core, or DTC for short, is a multiplayer two team pvp game. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s obsidian core while protecting your own core. The game offers many cool kits to use in the game which all can be upgraded by the Network Currency. Good bow and pvp skills are needed.


BuildCraftia Realms are pretty close to Minecraft Realms, but a thousand times better. These are like mini versions of servers. You can rent a Realms for you and your friends to share. Each Realm gets its own IP for players to use but connecting from the BuildCraftia servers is possible as well.

You can choose what kind of a world you want, which plugins are installed and more. You’re able to use commandblocks and your members have access to the blazing fast WorldEdit (a few million blocks a second).


Join our community on Discord! Discuss about the newest Minecraft features, server news and suggest ideas. Join us here:

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Change Logs
22 Apr 2019

Paintball is back!
Yes, Paintball is back! Since last time we’ve added powerups which spawn on platforms. These powerups range from sticky bombs to extra lifes and grenades to speed upgrades.

Other changes include player based life system: the more players there are per game, the more lifes the team has.

You can access the Paintball server via the server selector using /s on any BuildCraftia server.

Introducing WorldGuard Menu
We’ve added a new menu for Realm owners. This menu lets you change WorldGuard flags easily, without messing with the commands.

You can access this menu with /regionmenu [region]. If you don’t give this menu a region, the system will suggest you the regions you are currently in.

In the menu, you’ll find the flags and can set them to ALLOW, DENY or NONE. There’s also a nifty reset button.

More information about the menu will be added to the BuildCraftia GitHub wiki.