Take Over The World

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Sıralama3182 Random Server
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Durum Unknown
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Sürüm 1.12.2
Tür Backpacks Balanced Economy ClanWars Faction Survival Towny Modded Modern Citizens City Cars
Son Güncelleme06 Jan 2021
Katılım Tarihi06 Jan 2021


New Modern War Modded Minecraft Server: 12 years ago, a lethal and highly contagious disease rushed through the populations of the world wreaking havoc on all nations. In the free nations of the world, moral leaders continued to risk lives in the pursuit of saving ones already lost. In the many nations ruled by dictators and tyrants, few were wise enough to see the problem and of the wise tyrants, the years of oppressing their people from information secured the fate of their nations. In a last ditch attempt to survive, thousands in the nation of Sweinicia, which had previously been ruled by the authoritarian regime of Colonel Runne, crowded into a nuclear shelter that had been stocked with food, clean water and medicine. A hastily made disease tracking device made in secret by the Runne regime was found and installed. Unknown to the survivors inside the shelter, the disease above them mutated becoming able to enter the shelter but unable to kill a certain percentage of people with a strain of DNA. The disease ravaged the population in the shelter, but those who survived grew an immunity to the disease in its mutated form. After 12 years, on a seemingly normal day in the shelter, the disease was recorded as extinct in all forms. It now falls to you, the survivors to go out and restore the world, or kill one another in a struggle to control it. This modpack and the associated server uses the technic launcher to run. This modpack requires you to allow at least 4G of ram to run you can find the mod pack by searching take over the world on the technic launcher or by the discord server I do not own any of these mods I just made the mod pack Vote for take over the world
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