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Tür Technic Guns pvp Faction Survival Trade Furniture Exploring Sethome Modded Server Modded
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+we Updated EnhancedVisuals to new version !




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 If Voting you'll get 2500 each Vote but only 1 Vote Each day remember to write your in game name right when you voting or also your coins won't be sent :) 


And If you think your game is laggy you can download Optifine and turn off all animations,


                            Here is the Optifine link:



and check this video of how to add the optifine to the mods folder:



this's a server called TechyFaction it's all about Factions where you can make war against other factions you can also craft guns swords and armor everything you need to destroy each faction enemies as you might meet on your way to survive because it's not only other players you might be scared it's also our Zombies we got even more powerful Zombies who are using guns and even another kind of weapons to kill you with we also got a player zombie who would look like you and even pick up items to use it against you it could be a weapon or other items if lucky the Zombie player can even open doors and it knows also where you live so it might even go home to you and open the door to kill you so just don't die if you won't meet any Zombie players on your way home again. we also added Blood moon but no worry there's a very small change for it to come but when it's there you better stay inside but no sleep is allowed under the Blood moon plus we added something that can make you very cold if you are too cold you'll die slowly but you can also get too hot so try to not be too hot or too cold it's really hard to survive you even need to drink water a lot of water but don't ever try to click shift and click at the ocean well you can because it help your trist but you'll just get faster tristy then be careful out there also we do know it's not all players of course that you'll need to worry about because some might be good some not. but if you want you can also click on  (tab) when clicking tab you'll see a lot of different choices you can click at such as daily rewards notifications and shop even market where you can sell items everything you want to sell to other players if other will buy it from you you can also use the shop with unless resources if want and we got add friends if you find anyone you can trust at max friends is right now 20 friends at your friend list you can also do group up to 5 players when on the group you shouldn't be able to kill each other because it's a party group you made so if want to kill them don't join their group. we also added a lot of quests as you can do if feeling bored sometimes with a lot of rewards such as item rewards or coins rewards we did also made ender dragon and even the wither so so strong you shouldn't even try to do it on your own to kill it please always be at lest 3 players to kill it or 5 or more if need more help and use guns at lest not swords the bosses here are powerful !

and way more you can do on this modpack you can also find dragons but at the monent only on single player we'll make it on online too soon

if love it to be hard then try this modpack.


this server here is also pretty new so there might still be something to work on but you are always welcome to come up with your idea or anything in the game or other places if I see it you can even join our discord right here

- ) (




it's my first time making a server so I hope you will like the server. 


TechyFaction-3.3.0 and you can get it from the link below:

 this link is if want to download it from Mega 





you can also just download it all from Twitch bellow: 

 this link is if want to download it all from Twich


or download it from this webside


 if love this ModPack plz give us a vote on this website:



 and also there's way more then whatever i wrote here in the server :)

 if going to look for pic from the server we got that too just look more bellow:



































 this mod server is only for Minecraft Virsion-1.12.2



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